3 Ways A Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Save You Money

5 May 2022
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When facing a traffic ticket, you have two options. The first option involves accepting guilt and paying a fine. The second option involves hiring a traffic lawyer to fight the traffic ticket in court and have the charge dismissed or reduced. 

Most people opt for the first option because they assume that hiring a traffic lawyer is more expensive than paying a fine. However, hiring a traffic lawyer can help you save money. 

Here are three ways hiring a traffic lawyer saves you money. 

1. Avoiding Hefty Fines 

If you are facing your first traffic ticket, in most cases, you will pay a predetermined fine if you accept a plea. But, if you are on your second or third traffic ticket, the court deems you a repeat offender. As a result, the amount fined to repeat offenders is much higher. 

In some cases, the fines may exceed the costs of hiring a traffic lawyer. Hence, you should hire a traffic lawyer to fight the traffic ticket and have the charges dismissed. If the traffic lawyer gets the charges dismissed, you will save money by avoiding a hefty fine.

2. Avoiding High Auto Insurance Premiums 

Your driving record is a factor used by auto insurance companies when calculating your auto insurance premiums. Every time you get a traffic ticket, your driving record gains points. 

The more points you have on your driving record, the more auto insurance companies consider you a risky driver. They assume you are more likely to cause an accident based on your driving record. For instance, if you have several speeding tickets, the auto insurance company assumes you like speeding and you run the risk of causing an accident due to speeding. 

As a result, insurance companies charge you higher premiums when you have many points on your driving record. 

However, a traffic lawyer can help you avoid paying high auto insurance premiums by fighting a traffic ticket. When a traffic lawyer gets a traffic ticket dismissed or reduced, you avoid adding points to your driving record. As a result, your auto insurance company doesn't have a reason to raise your premiums. You can therefore continue paying lower auto insurance premiums. 

3. Negotiating the Reduction of Charges 

If the evidence against you is too strong to have a speeding ticket dismissed, your traffic lawyer can negotiate a deal with the prosecution. Traffic lawyers are expert negotiators. Hence, they can negotiate with the prosecution to reduce your speeding violation to a non-moving violation. 

Non-moving violations such as failure to put on a seat belt have lesser fines than speeding violations. Hence, when a traffic lawyer negotiates a lesser charge for you, they help you save money because you pay a lesser fine. 

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