Hiring A DUI Attorney Can Help You Avoid Certain Costs

3 December 2015
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If you are about to partake in a DUI trial, hiring a lawyer can be a tough decision when you're not sure if you can afford it. However, if you consider that the potential costs of a DUI conviction go well beyond the court fines, it's easy to see how a lawyer can actually save you a lot of money. Here are some of the charges that you can avoid by hiring a DUI attorney to make your trial successful. Read More 

How To Get A Restricted License In South Carolina

19 October 2015
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The state considers driving to be a privilege, so the court system and the Department of Motor Vehicles will typically suspend or revoke the licenses of individuals convicted of DWIs. However, there may be a way suspended drivers in South Carolina can get restricted licenses to use until their suspensions end. Here is what needs to be done to make this happen. Getting a Restricted License Most of the time, defendants must wait until their suspension periods end before they can get their driving privileges reinstated. Read More 

Homicide, Manslaughter, And Murder: What’s The Difference?

14 October 2015
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Many people use the terms homicide, murder, and manslaughter interchangeably. They do so incorrectly. Each of these terms actually has a distinct legal meaning. Homicide Homicide simply means that a person's death was caused by the actions of another person. The term homicide does not imply any ill intent or any wrongdoing. Often, after a controversial incident, the media will ignite passions by making a big deal about the medical examiner ruling the death a homicide. Read More 

Considering A Plea Bargain? Don’t Accept Before You Read These 5 Things

22 September 2015
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If you've been charged with a drug offense, you may eventually be offered a plea bargain. However, you shouldn't just accept a plea deal, as they aren't always drafted to be in your favor. You may assume that they are, but there is a lot of under-the-surface information that you need to be aware. Before you accept the prosecution's plea bargain, here are a few things to take into consideration: Read More 

State Criminal Injuries Fund May Be A Source Of Compensation For Victims Of Crime

16 September 2015
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If you're the victim of a crime, the law lets you sue the perpetrator for any injuries or losses you sustain. Unfortunately, some criminals are judgment-proof, meaning they don't have any income or assets that can be used to pay a court award. Although this may be the case in your situation, you may still be able to collect some compensation for your injuries by applying for assistance through a state crime victims' fund. Read More