Why a Teen Driver May Benefit From Using Traffic Lawyers to Fight Traffic Tickets

8 February 2021
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For many teens, getting their license is a rite of passage. They may find themselves with more freedom than they have previously had. As they are out and about exploring this newfound freedom, many teens make driving mistakes that can lead to a ticket, such as speeding or running a red light. If your teen has recently received a traffic ticket, you may be wondering if it is worth hiring a traffic lawyer or if you should just pay the ticket and chalk it up to a lesson learned. Here are a few of the benefits of hiring traffic attorneys for teen drivers. 

Teen Drivers Already Pay Higher Than Average Insurance Premiums

One of the reasons why teens may benefit from fighting traffic infractions with the help of a traffic attorney is to help avoid a further increase in auto insurance premiums. On average, teen drivers already pay higher insurance premiums than other drivers. If a teen has a traffic ticket on their driving record, their insurance may skyrocket. Fighting the ticket and getting it reduced or dismissed can help prevent you or your teen from paying even more for auto insurance. 

Teen Drivers May Face Stiffer Licensing Penalties

Another reason why teens may want to use traffic lawyers if they have received a ticket is that they may be facing stiffer licensing penalties. In many states, drivers who have had their license for one to two years or less may have their license revoked for receiving fewer points against their license than experienced drivers. For example, in Washington state, a teen's license will be suspended for six months if they receive two infractions prior to turning 18. As such, you want to fight tickets to help prevent this from happening. 

A Ticket Can Impact a Teen Driver's Job Potential

The final reason why your teen may want to use a traffic ticket lawyer is that traffic tickets can affect the ability of your teen to get a job that requires them to drive. If your teen graduates and tries to obtain a job as a bus driver, taxi driver, rideshare driver, pizza delivery driver, or package delivery driver, they may be turned down for the job due to their poor driving record. As a parent, you want to help open doors for your child, not close them and fighting tickets can help keep those doors open. 

If your teen has received a traffic infraction, it may be worth it to hire a traffic ticket attorney to attempt to fight the ticket. This may help to prevent a greater increase in driving insurance rates, potential license suspensions, or even problems applying for driving jobs in the near future. Contact a local traffic lawyer to discuss your teen's traffic ticket with them and how they may be able to help you.